Press Release & Release Sheet

A press release for your EP, album or single is absolutely essential. It’s often a first point of call when somebody is looking for more information about your music, so make sure it contains everything they need to know.

At the very least your release sheet should contain:

  • Artist Name
  • Release Name
  • Label Name
  • Catalogue Number
  • Tracklist
  • Artwork
  • Release Date
  • Contact details for more info

And if you want to really make sure all the info is there, you could also add:

  • A short intro/description of the release
  • A short artist bio
  • A short label bio
  • All relevant websites and social links
  • Promo / PR enquiry contact details
  • Mastering company details
  • Artist photos
  • Relevant tour dates and details
  • Any other appearances
  • DJ quotes and early feedback from tastemakers
  • Links to interviews
  • Links to music videos

The press release is often formatted in a particular way, so make sure you follow the right guidelines, and if somebody prefers to have the PR as the email body, or an attachment, following their preferences will go a long way in helping people notice and check your music.

[I provide beautiful, customisable press release templates and handy documents in my *How To Start Your Own Record Label* course]

Some labels provide a press pack along with releases, including everything from artist logos and brand guidelines, to label photos, artist photos, label history documents and more. It’s up to you what you think is an appropriate amount of information to provide, but bear in mind that people don’t want huge email attachments clogging up their inbox.


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